Lagoon Point Members

This is the Lagoon Point Members’ Private Section of the Website.

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If you are a Lagoon Point Homeowner, you can register for the private information contained here.

Start right here on the Lagoon Point Members page by clicking on Private Information tab above.

2nd, a dialogue box pops up on your screen. Click on “Register” in the lower left corner.

3rd, another dialogue box pops up titled “Register for this site” where you enter all your own information.  You choose your own sign on name and your own personal password.  You will be asked for your Lagoon Point address here on the island, not a mailing address somewhere else.  Save your information somewhere safe.

Once you register for the Members Area, our Host Papa web site server will auto generate a notification to us of a pending new member requesting access.  Once LPCA is notified of your registration, we will verify your information and grant you access to LPCA Members private site if you meet our criteria.  

Later, our Host Papa web server will send you a link to verify your email address and activate your account. It will be as follows:

Verification URL:…..wxyz.  There will be a Code after “verification…wxyz” that is specific to your email address and will be slightly different than above.  Please use the above link to verify your email address and activate your account.

If questions, via email: